Right now our livelihood is being attacked on two fronts, both of which would harm us as public educators. S-2 will cut millions of dollars from our FRHSD budget over the next 5 years which will mean larger class sizes, fewer activities and services, and a much more difficult contract for us to negotiate. Click here for more information.

Meanwhile, state Senator Steve Sweeney is pushing his “Path to Progress” and garnering public support by saying that it will save taxpayers money. It will put us on a path to poverty. Click here to read more about it.

So what can we do?

  1. We can call our legislators and tell them to support Governor Murphy’s millionaire tax and tell them what effect S-2 and the Path to “Progress” will do to us. Click here for simple directions to do that.
  2. We can share our stories on Facebook and Twitter–our neighbors and friends need to know how hard we work for their kids and how badly S2 will hurt our district. They also need to know that we are NOT the enemies–we’ve been making our mandatory payments to the pension; it’s the state that has not lived up to its end of the deal.
  3. Tweet and retweet about S2 to political figures in our state. Here’s a quick primer on Twitter. And here’s which politicians you should be tweeting to based on which town you live and/or work in. 
    1. Central and Manalapan
    2. Colts Neck
    3. Howell
    4. Marlboro
    5. FT and FB